Tom Garage Door Repair, the leading provider of garage door services in the La Quinta area, has recently provided a garage door repair service for a client in Avenida Martinez.

While the problems were minimal at first, it was a good choice to call us as it would have turned out to be a bigger pain in the future. Our emergency garage door repair services are always available 24/7 and we're always there whenever you need it most.

We are the team to call when you need garage door repairs or installation, whether it be residential or commercial door service. We are the leading provider of garage door services in the La Quinta area and we always strive to provide a quick but most efficient service possible for you to get back on your day.

We're here to help with all of your garage door needs—from minor fixes to full replacements (and everything in between).

What Are The Common Garage Door Problems?

As we have stated, our client was experiencing minimal garage door problems and called upon our garage door repair service.  There are some problems that you'll simply need to hire a professional garage door repair company for because they're beyond the scope of what you'll be able to fix on your own, but there are also other problems that can easily be fixed on your own. These are some common garage door problems:

The Garage Door Closes Then Opens?

You've probably experienced once that the garage door closes and then opens immediately after you've pressed the close button. There are multiple options that you can try and see if one fixes this issue!

  • The first step is cleaning the safety sensors. As you know, these infrared sensors will detect anything in the way of the door when it's closing, so make sure to clean them regularly just by wiping them with a towel and removing anything that is obstructing the infrared sensor.
  • Try troubleshooting the limit switch on your garage door opener. It can be seen at the side of the opener below the logo, and you'll see two options, one for opening and the other for closing. If your limit switch is not correctly set, it will keep going even if it's already closed, and the safety mechanism will automatically open the door. The safety mechanism/sensors detect anything on the way and once it hits that object, it will go back up.
  • If you have tried the first two fixes, then it might be time to take a look at the logic board. That is your garage door's operating system and like any other computer system, it slows down due to age. You can either replace it or have a professional garage door repair company do it for you.

Garage Door Chain Loose?

If you have a chain drive garage door opener, you've probably heard the noise it makes when the garage door chains are loose. It usually knocks against the rail which causes the noise. It's a simple fix, just by tightening the nuts found attached to a bolt, where the trolley connects to the rail. Just be sure to close the door first before starting work, disconnect the power supply of the opener as well as disengage it.

Garage Door Wheel Off Track?

if you notice the garage door wheel off track, it's best to stop using the garage door immediately. Now there is a solution you can do before using the door again.

The first step is by detaching the garage door from the garage door opener so you can manually lift the door to see the off-track wheels. Make sure to use vise-grips on the tracks under the garage door to keep it in place and not fall on you. Now, you need to use pliers to pry open one side of the track and make sure that it's wide enough for the wheels to go back in. If all the wheels are back inside the track, put a small piece of wood inside the open track, the one you pried open, and hammer that open track back into the correct shape. You can now remove the small piece of wood as well as the vise grips and try manually lifting the door open and close. After you've done this, reattach the garage door to the opener and you're good to go!

Garage Door Opening Slowly?

One of the most common garage door problems is the slow opening. While there are plenty of factors that come to play in this issue, such as weather, debris, and lack of maintenance, you can easily fix this by keeping the moving parts clean. Lithium or silicone-based grease for metal springs, hinges, rollers, bearings, tracks, and more.

Garage Door Remote Not Working?

This is by far the easiest garage door repair you can do, aside from lubricating any moving parts. By simply changing the batteries on your remote, you can now open and close the garage door again with a single press of a button. Now if it doesn't still work, try testing out the transmitter and replacing the batteries.

When Do You Call A Pro For Garage Door Repair Service?

If you're like most people, you try to keep costs down by doing as much as possible around your home yourself. But when it comes to your garage door, you may want to consider having a professional handle the job. Garage doors are relatively simple machines, but there are plenty of things that can go wrong with them—and in some cases, the consequences of a malfunctioning door can be dire.

For example, springs are made of large gauge steel wires and are under constant tension in order to provide an upward force on the door while it's moving. If they break or snap, they can cause serious injury if they hit someone or damage objects near them. The same is true of cables that support a garage door. They can also become worn out over time and eventually break—and again, that's when things get dangerous. If that happens while you're under the door (say you're working on repairs), you could be seriously injured or worse.

Because of these dangers, most professional garage door repair companies will not only inspect your system for free every year or so, but may even recommend regular maintenance for your system at a minimal cost. This will help keep your system safe and in good working order for years to come.

How Can You Know If A Professional Is Legitimate?

If you have broken doors, you may opt to call anyone in your vicinity without checking first if they are legitimate. In order to save money from a haphazard garage door repair company, look for one that is reputable, capable, and well-known.

The first thing you should do is check out their website. See if they are helpful and knowledgeable about the services they provide. You'll have to contact them to ask them questions about fixing your garage door, and if they can't answer questions directly to your satisfaction, then again this would be an indication that something's wrong with the business. See their engagement with their previous clients as well; some businesses will even post testimonials on their websites so you can see what other customers think of them.  And check if they are polite and courteous when you're asking them any questions regarding your broken doors.

Need Repairs? Choose Tom Garage Door Repair!

No matter your garage door woes, from broken doors and a chain that's loose to wheels off the track and a door opening slowly, Tom Garage Door Repairs is here to help find the best solutions that will last. Our team of highly skilled technicians is renowned La Quinta garage door repair specialists with years of experience diagnosing and fixing any issue you may have. We ensure our repairs are accurate and long-lasting by thoroughly inspecting each component of your system before deciding on the ideal solution.

So if you've been battling with any of these issues, trust in the experts at Tom Garage Door Repair! Contact us today or stop by our showroom and we'll help keep your doors running smoothly into the future. Do You Have Broken Doors? Choose Tom Garage Door Repairs!